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Agricultural Land

Rural Property in Romania

Forests and Agricultural Land are currently among the most advantageous investments in Romania. The physical relief of Romania is extremely varried, due to the Carpathian mountain range which makes a large curve through the country.
S.C. ETC SRL is an agency specialized in transactions of rural property, forests (woodlands) and agricultural land. Every forest property advertised on this website has been the subject of a preliminary evaluation by our expert staff, as follows:
1/ We’ve obtained copies of all ownership documents and confirmed the sellers’ property rights.
2/ We’ve obtained copies of all technical (silvicultural) documentation, from which we extracted the data necessary to produce a „Forest Description Sheet”, and translated into English for your convenience.
3/ We’ve physically inspected the forest to confirm and/or correct the „Forest Description Sheet”, to confirm the property limits, to evaluate access conditions, land stability, flood risk, health of the trees, etc.
4/ During each physical inspection of forest property, we took relevant photos (for visual confirmation of the data contained in the Forest Description Sheet), and recorded the GPS coordinates of the property (for eventual overflights by helicopter).

When consulting our offers, you will notice that we only disclose the regions where the properties are located. This refers to the official European Development Regions of Romania, as shown on the map at left.
If you wish to obtain more details about any of our offers or if you wish to visit any of the properties, please send us a request by email or by fax, containing your full name and address, and your complete contact details. All property visits are done in the presence of a ETC representative.
Upon request,ETC can perform complete Due Diligence for any property in Romania, with or without financial guarantee (your choice). For more details, please contact us.
Some important points:

-Surfaces range from 50 to 2000 hectares (26 to 5200 acres) each. In some cases, several plots are near or adjacent to each other, allowing much larger surfaces within a specific zone. A selection of our offers is online, which you can access by clicking on „Forest Offers” here or in green navigation bar above.
-All rural property acquisitions by foreign nationals must be done in the name of a Romanian company. You can be sole associate and bearer of 100% of the shares. Upon request, Globalcom can form your company for you at minimal cost & delay.
-Acquisition costs; Notary Fees + Taxes = +/- 1% to 1.5% of the transaction amount.
-Annual property tax on rural land (forests and farmland) is approximately 10   /ha. (Jan. 2009).
-Forest Security Surveillance by licensed organisation is mandatory, and costs approx 12   /ha / year.
-Administrative Management by ETC is possible for most forest properties in Romania. Certain conditions apply, rates vary according to surface, location, and other factors.
-Prices range from 1000  to 3500  /ha, according to essences, maturity, and other determining factors and we have your exclusive atention reprezentative.

Agricultural Land: Soil quality and diversity, along with vast surfaces available for acquisition at prices much lower than in other countries, make farmland the ‘VIP” of the Romanian real estate market, attracting investors of all horizons…
Soil quality and diversity result from Romania’s unique gelogical features (mountains & major rivers) and from the country’s mild weather conditions. Irrigation water is abundantly available everywhere in one form or another (rivers, lakes, wells, etc). Out of the 23.8 million hectares of the Romanian territory, 28% is covered by forest and 60% is agricultural land. The country’s total agricultural surface is 14,7 million hectares, out of which 9,3 miilion hectares are arable.
Anyone can buy agricultural land: You are not obligated to have any diploma or experience in agriculture. You simply need to form a Romanian ltd. company and declare „agriculture” as it’s object of activity. Neighbors do not have any right of preemption.
Pay as you go: You are not required to pay for the whole acquisition in advance. You pay on a weekly basis for surfaces acquired.Considering all of the factors mentioned above, it is not difficult to see why so many European farmers (large & small) are buying farmland in Romania, the math is simple and the numbers do not lie…

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